Blog Review: Successful Blogging

Guest post  by Hajra Khatoon


Annabel Candy runs Successful Blogging  and a travel blog called Get in the Hot Spot. She has been featured on Copyblogger, Problogger and Zen Habits. With over 16 years of experience in web designing and copy writing; she is a power to reckon with especially if you want to tap into the power of blogging. Her travel blog has over 20, 000 readers per month! Yes, that’s a five digit number.


Successful Blogging isn’t like any other blogs that shouts the WHAT OF BLOGGING in your face all the time. It has some very unique things to offer and here’s why we love it :

  • It takes the tour from scratch – talks about starting a blog, building it and so on.
  • There is a topic categorized as Blogging Succes Stories where bloggers from various realms talk about their rise to the blogging hall of fame
  • It talks about the dreaded topic – making money from blogging. Whether it can be done or not and how?
  • The personal touch : her posts over the holidays reflected that there’s more to Annabel than just being the blogging wiz.
  • The look of the blog is clean, crisp and fresh. Makes you want to keep surfing. No jazzy colors, no in your face advertisements and just the right mix of sidebars.
  • She’s got the Pinterest button! Yup, that is the latest craze.
  • She is featured in the media way too many times. She is a print celebrity. Check out her media accolades here.
  • When you subscribe for free updates you get three chapters of her book for free and you are updated every time she updates! You keep in sync with her!
  • She offers 1 on 1 consultation. And her pricing packages are all mentioned right away on the blog

So, if you are looking into working on your blog and making it click, Annabel is the lady to get in touch with. That’s more than good enough reasons to be stalking Annabel Candy on her blog right away!

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