Do You Get Frustrated with Yourself?

I’ve been so frustrated with  myself lately.  Why?  Well, there are things I want to do – mostly having to do with writing fiction – and I just can’t seem to make myself do it!

It drives me crazy sometimes.  But even when it is driving me crazy, I can’t seem to make myself sit down and put the words on the page.

You see, I do write and publish ebooks but they are of two sorts.  One is non-fiction and the other is fiction but it is not the sort that can be found under my own name.  And they are really more short stories than novels.  And I really want to write a novel (or a novella at least) that I can publish under my own name and tell my friends about and that my kids can tell their friends about, you know?

Original cover of Flowers in the Attic.

Flowers in the Attic.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spent way to much time in the early hours of the morning browsing though the books category on Buzzfeed.  I love that site but I didn’t realize that they had an entire category about books and writing. And not just funny stuff (although a lot of it is funny) but some actual articles.  One of the ones that I found was about V. C. Andrews and her life as a writer and what really happened after she died.  For those of you who don’t know, she wrote an extremely popular series in the 80s I think, called Flowers in the Attic and almost every woman over the age of 15 read it.  It was pretty warped really.  But really popular.  She had another series or two after that and then she died.  But her books kept on coming out. I’d heard that it was a family member that picked up her uncompleted manuscripts and finished them off but it turned out that there wasn’t  much for unfinished manuscripts when she died and all the books published since her death were written by a ghostwriter.

Completely off topic but this is the kind of thing I get absorbed in when I should be writing!

I’m not sure where to go from here because although I really want to write something I am not sure what to start.  I have an idea for an erom, but there again, I don’t want to publish that under my own name.  I have an idea for a post-apocalyptic novel, which could be either adult or more mainstream, but that’s so complicated!  Weaving a whole new world is not easy and I give huge props to the writers that do this. And then I have an idea for a young adult/new adult novel.

When you ask writers what you should write about they always tell you to write what you know or write what you like to read about.  I love to read science fiction but…honestly, I have never even written a sci-fi short story!  Write what you know?  Well, I don’t know a whole heck of a lot.  I don’t consider what I “know” to be all that interesting.

Hmmm…I guess I’m going to have to figure it out if I really want to do this aren’t I.

Anyway, sorry for the long rambly post today.  I’m really just thinking out loud and for some reason I thought that someone might be interested. :)