Freelance Writers – Are You Using Google+ Yet?

If you are a freelance writer and you want to have more private clients, Google+ is the network that you should be using. Yes, I still love Facebook and Twitter, but Google+ has some features that will make it a valuable investment of your time!

I have been enjoying Google+ since it first came out but lately I have been seeing the value of it even more. The big change?  Search Plus Your World (which I am too lazy to write out every time I mention it so I’ll likely just call it Search+ from now on!)

What is Search+?

Search+ is Google’s way of letting you search within your networks when you are looking for information.  When you go to (I don’t see it available at yet but if you scroll to the bottom of the screen when you are on the .ca or other country you will find a link that says “go to” and then you will be able to use this feature) and do a search for anything you will still get the results that you would normally see but you will also see results from people that are in your network, talking about the subject you are searching for.

For example, if I do a search for blogging I get this:

click the picture to see a bigger version!

Now, if you click on the picture to see a bigger version you will notice that some of the results have a little person figure beside them – those are posts from people that are in my Google+ network.

Why would I want to see those in my search results?

Well, if you have them circled in Google+ it is obviously because you are interested in connecting with them or the share information that is valuable to them or you already trust their information.  So doesn’t it make sense that you would value the information that they put out there more than information from random sites?

Now, let’s pretend that you are an internet marketer, a web site owner, a blogger or someone else that does business online or wants to increase their business by building an online presence.  You are starting a blog or you want to do some article marketing or you need to do a press release but you don’t have time (or skill) to write it yourself.  You need to find a freelance writer.  So you do a search on Google and you hit the little Search+ symbol so that you can get results in your network (because you trust their recommendations more).  Are you going to show up in their trusted network’s results?

Not if you aren’t on Google+ – so get on there!

Now, to illustrate, let’s see what kind of results I get when I search for freelance writer:

Recognize any of those faces?  I do!  They are all people that are in my social network on Google+!  How cool is that?

And if I scroll down the page just a little bit I see this:

Yup – that is me!

So, if people in your network do a search for freelance writers or something along those lines, are they going to find you? They won’t if you don’t get your butt over to Google+ and start using it.

If we aren’t already connect, circle me on Google+.  I’ll likely circle you back but just to be sure say hi by putting a + sign in front of my name when you make a post.

Since I think Google+ is so important for networking, I’m going to be writing some more about it soon.  If you have any particular topics you’d like to see addressed please leave me a comment!  And don’t forget to share this post on Twitter, Facebook, and of course, on Google+!