Getting Your First Writing Credits

Are you trying to break into the freelance writing market?  Perhaps trying to get some writing done that is NOT online?  If you are, you may be finding that it can be difficult to get into when you have no credits to your name.  Unlike the online world, having credits and clips can make all the difference between whether you get an assignment or not.

Start by checking out this short video from Anny Wayman of About Freelance Writing. I’ve mentioned Anne Wayman before and if you haven’t checked out her site you should now.  She’s got loads of great advice about writing (both online and offline) and she’s got some great e-books, too.

In this video she talks about getting your first credits by writing for your local/community paper.

Newspapers are not the only place that you can get credits for freelance writing. You can also try newsletters. If you have a lot of experience in a particular industry and have knowledge of something new and interesting, pitch the idea to the editors of an industry newsletter. There are many places that need written content and local businesses are a great place to start.

Have you had success with this? Share in the comments!