Income Report #15 – January 2013

Hey everyone!  It’s time for another income report!  I have to say that it has been a busy month.  I’ve been working at Squidoo and testing new products and experimenting a bit.  I published a new ebook.  I’ve been trying a new site.  I haven’t even totaled up my earnings yet but I think it is good.

So, let’s start with…


adsense jan 2013

Hosted Adsense (YouTube): $7.35

Adsense for Content: $5.40

Total: $12.75

I sure wish I could see that Adsense number increase.  It is down from last month ($14.44) which annoys me to no end.  But I did hit payout this month again. It took 5 months this time as opposed to 6 months last time.     After the YouTube is taken out, the majority comes from InfoBarrel and from this site.  Which is nice because before when I had this site monetized it got almost nothing!


I have 4 or 5 ebooks out now.  Two are under my name and the others are under a psuedonym.  This month they earned $5. 56 and all of that was from Kindle.  I published a new ebook this month on KDP select and while there were a load of free downloads I only got 3 reviews from those.  I’m not sure that it is worth doing the free download thing.  But, I guess we’ll see.


Amazon was a good month with higher sales than normal. I made $8.06 and $4.55 of that came from my links on Squidoo.  That is a nice start.  I am hoping that this amount will just keep increasing the more I work Squidoo!


I put a little more effort into Bubblews this month and cashed out at $51.67.  I can’t find my screen capture (likely on my other computer so I’ll add it later) but I think I did 37 posts last month.  Is it worth continuing?  I think so.  Not only do I earn on each short post I do but I can leave backlinks to things like Infobarrel articles and Squidoo lenses.  So, I’m going to try to increase my output in February.

Affiliate programs

I made my first sale with Jaaxy this month and made $8 with that.

I also joined a new program called JVZoo and I quite like it.  They have some decent choices of things to sell.  I like to buy the things I am selling but I obviously can’t buy them all.  I did buy Squick Money though and I am testing it out with a new Squidoo profile to see how well it really does.  I think that it has a lot potential.  You can follow my testing process here or if you’d like to try it for yourself you can get it here. I’ve had a couple of people get it after me and they have all agreed that it is pretty cool.

So, I’ve made $20 with JVZoo.  Pretty happy with that.

AND (this was a nice one) I USED to promote this affiliate program years ago.  I had a blog set up for it and everything but it was a set and forget type of thing.  And I let it go about a year ago so the site isn’t even live anymore.  BUT I am STILL making money from it and I got a cheque for $100 from the this month.  That was a pleasant surprise.

Other stuff

I occassionally let people sponsor a blog post or put up an ad on my blog if the money is right and I don’t hate the product/site and this month I got a $50 paid sponsorship on one of my blog posts here.  Kind of nice.

Total: $256.04

Adsense: $12.75

Ebooks: $5.56

Amazon: $8.06

Bubblews: $51.67

Affiliate programs: $128.00

Other: $50

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