Launch of New Residual Earning Site – Writedge

Writedge is the newest residual earning site on the net.  It launch a few weeks ago and things are heating up.

Want to know what is so great about it?  Well, first of all, it is mine.  Half-mine.  Myself, and my partner Michelle,  decided that there was room for another online writing site so we decided to launch our own.

logoMany of the residual earnings sites are having a  hard time with Google because of all the spam and junk that has been submitted on them.  Even InfoBarrel, which I consider to be one of the cleanest article sites out there, has been implementing things like no backlinking of your articles rules.  So our plan, keep the site clean from the beginning.

We have some pretty strict requirements.  You must write quality articles and each article must be a minimum of 500 words.  Two links are allowed in the article.  They must appear below the second paragraph and one of them can be an Amazon link.  Links must be contextual and relevant.

And we’re planning to offer lots of little extra things for writers like tutorials and contests and even WordPress video tutorials!

What are you waiting for!  Come and check it out!

Start here with the FAQ.