One New Book and One Re-branded Book

I love it when I get to release new books and it’s even exciting when I rebrand a book.  I don’t know why – it’s just the anticipation of what may come I guess.

I’m still working on fiction but today I’ve got two non-fiction books for you.

The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Twitter Marketing

Click the picture to check it out on Amazon!

Click picture to see on Amazon

One of them is actually a rebranded book.  I had a Twitter book out on Kindle but it wasn’t really selling very much.  Honestly – I think that it just wasn’t appealing to the market I wrote it for – you!  Writers.  I originally put this book together for my writer readers – freelance writers specifically who I had heard too many times saying that they didn’t “get” Twitter.  They didn’t know what to do with it, they didn’t know how to find people to follow or how to get people to follow them.  They just didn’t “get” it.  And that’s the way it is sometimes – the simplest things can be hard to figure out.

So, I made some adjustments in the book to make sure that it was relevant and targeted to freelance writers.  I wanted to make sure that it was helpful in teaching freelance writers how to use Twitter to market themselves.

And now it is live on Twitter!  I love the cover, don’t you?

Live Without a Job

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Click picture to see on Amazon!

I’ve also released a new book that has been sitting on my hard drive “almost” completed for way too long.  This book is filled with short, easy to read chapters about living without a job.

I know there are a lot of people that want that kind of lifestyle but they just don’t have the information they need to do it.  They don’t believe that it is possible.  They don’t know where to start!

So, I put this book together based on my old blog of the same title.  I saved all the post and created a book with them. I’m not sure if I like the cover though…what do you think? Keep it or tweak it?

If you check either of them out I’m more than thrilled if you’d like to give some feedback.  If something is missing that you were hoping you’d find, just let me know and I’ll try to add it in. :)