Should I Write for Clients or for Residual Income?


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Freelance writers often come to this question at some point in their career.  And there’s no right answer.  Everyone must decide what is right for them. And sometimes you will find out one answer is right while at other time there may be a different right answer.  Do you get what I’m saying – only you can decide this!

I do both.

I write for clients because I need to have income that I can count on.  I need to know that there will be money in the bank when I need it.  So, for now, client work is part of my living.

I also write for residual earnings.  I don’t get paid for that immediately.  But I need to feel like I am investing in my future.  I need to feel like I am writing for myself, at least some of the time.

One of the things I like about writing for residual earnings is that you have more control about what you write about.  That’s a big thing for me.  You can only write about other people’s topics for so long before you start to get burnout. But writing on my own topics keeps the creative juices flowing.

Sometimes I write fiction that gets turned into ebooks.  Sometimes I write humorous article about how to NOT kill your teenager because that is what inspires me at the moment.  Sometimes I write about the latest purse that I am lusting over or the room décor that I wish I could decorate my room or my future house in.  And that’s the great thing about writing for residual income.  YOU get to choose the topics and it is fun because you’re writing about stuff that truly interests you.

I try to keep a balance of the two so that I earn enough money and I don’t get burned out.  But there are times when I’ll write for residual income for a week straight and then I’ll write for clients for another week.  It just depends on my needs at the time.

Think about why you write.  Do you write purely to make money or do you write because you enjoy it or is it a combination of the two?  Knowing why you write will help you decide what you should be.

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