Successes and Failures

2013 was certainly a year of discovery for me.  I tried a lot of different things that I had not tried in the past.  And before I go on to say anything else I want to say that nothing is really a failure because even the things that didn’t work out so well taught me something.  They taught me about things I am good at and things I am not so good at.  And when you figure those things out – and of course, the things you like, too – you get that much closer to yourr ultimate goals.

Over the past year and a bit I tried:

  • blogging (in different ways, but I have been playing with blogging forever)
  • niche sites
  • product sites
  • videos
  • article marketing
  • ebook writing

Most of those were just different variations of things I’ve done in the past.  Most of them have not worked for me.  They just tried different things.  And the problem with most of them is that I didn’t really enjoy doing them all that much.  So, I avoided working on them.  So they never had enough content and traffic to really take off.

What am I finally starting to see success with?

Ebooks.  I’ve mentioned that I have some non-fiction (under my own name and you can see the ebooks in the sidebar) but have mostly been working on a certain genre of fiction that I have always enjoyed writing and have been told that I do very well.  And yes, that is under a pen name, and no, I’m not going to reveal it.  It’s under a pen name for a reason. :)

So, I am going to try to focus myself on that.  Mostly ebook writing, some fiction and some non-fiction. The great thing is that I have no shortage of ideas of ebooks to write. And for the most part I really like doing it.  And each month, I am seeing my earnings from ebooks increase.

The trick for me is going to be finding the balance between writing my ebooks and writing for clients.  Balance has always been an issue for me.  But it is a work in progress and I do seem to be getting better at it.