The Goods on Social Media Spam

While you aren’t likely a deliberate social spammer, are you confident that all of the marketing techniques you utilize on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and similar platforms are all above board and totally acceptable?

Use this handy infographic to get an overview of the specific rules to be found in the terms of service of your favorite social media sites and avoid these three main no-no’s when letting your followers and friends know about what you have to offer:

1. Be Yourself, Don’t Impersonate

No matter where you maintain social profiles, each should represent who you are in reality, not a fictitious character and not your business. Every social platform demands that users use their real name and have a profile that represents who they are; obviously your business is a part of who you are but it’s important to keep your profile presentation at a happy medium.

2. Never Be Sexually Explicit

Whether your products are adult-oriented or you simply have a bit of a dirty sense of humor, using sexual connotations of any kind in your marketing efforts, or your personal postings, is a quick and easy way to get banned on any social site.

3. Don’t Automate

Automated content creation and sharing is specifically banned on all social platforms except when utilizing official software or software properly utilizing the platform’s API (i.e. TweetAdder for Twitter). Rules aside, just as you are unlikely to be highly responsive to what is obviously an automated message or social posting, your audience is equally unlikely to be swept off of their feet by the same.

The social media spam infographic is courtesy of SEOsmarty and placed through MyBlogGuest Infographics gallery!

Click the picture to see the full sized version!

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