The Secret to Social Media Success

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to be so successful with their social media efforts? Ever wondered how they get so many people to read their articles or follow their blog just by tweeting it? There must be some big secret that the big guys aren’t letting out right?

Well, there is and there isn’t!

I say there is because you don’t hear this often enough but I say that there isn’t because it is just that simple!

The secret?


Yes, that is all it is. Be consistent.

The reason most people fail at social media marketing is because they don’t stick with it long enough. They start a Twitter account or a Pinterest account or whatever social media platform they are using and they use it for a few weeks, or maybe even a month, and they don’t see immediate results so they quit. They either stop posting altogether or they post something once a week or so when they think about it. But they aren’t consistent.

If you really want to have success with social media you need to use it pretty much every day. Want success on Twitter? Then post several items a day and interact with people. Want to find success with Facebook? Get on their on a daily basis! Other social media platforms are the same. The more you use it the more likely you will be to find success and get results from it.

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My Twitter Story

I started out with Twitter several years ago. At first nothing really exciting was happening. Once in awhile, someone clicked on one of my links. Sometimes someone would re-tweet my posts. But mostly I felt like I was talking to myself.

Then I quit my job. Yes, I quit a good paying job to work for myself full-time. I started spending a bit more time on Twitter. My update increased in frequency. I made more effort to connect with people. I would check in at least daily. I shared my own links but I shared other people’s links, too. I commented on other people’s updates and I read their blog posts and commented on them. I asked people questions directly (using @ before their name) and I replied to direct messages.

Pretty soon, I didn’t have to add people and hope they would follow. People were adding me and hoping that I would follow. The more I tweeted the more responses I got and the more people clicked o my links and read my articles and blog posts. I became more visible and therefore, got more attention!

Just be consistent

You don’t have to be on social media platforms all day long to get results. You just have to be consistent. People need to know that you are there on a regular basis and that if they address you that you will respond within a short time frame. They need to know that you are a genuine person and that you aren’t just a fly by night marketer out to make a buck.

Of course, there is more to it than just being there. But once you develop the habit of being on your choice of social media network on a regular basis you can start learning about and implementing tactics that will help you get better results. Contests, they types of tweets and updates that you post, and interacting with fellow users will help you take your social media strategy to the next level.